Google Blacklisting and Bias Against Patriotic Lawyers and How to Avoid

The release of Twitter files has exposed the dirty workings of the political government, and federal agents in suppressing the voice of who they believe are “threats.” It has led to several shocking developments that we’ll explore with the Circle of Legal Trust.

Google’s Influence over Users Gives Them the Power to Blacklist Websites and Promote Their Narrative

On January 30, 2023, Twitter user KanekoaTheGreat, who faced a ban by previous Twitter warlords and is now reinstated by the larger-than-life billionaire Elon Musk, posted a screenshot of the websites Google blacklisted. Most of the websites Google blocked were what SilicionValley considers to be right-wing webpages, Trump-related sites, websites that posted conservative content, the GOP, and many more that support the Second Amendment.

Google is the largest search engine, with billions of queries every day. It controls YouTube, the largest video-sharing platform on the internet, with over 2 billion users. With so much control over the content we see, it seems like Google is influencing our views with its algorithms.

Conservatives and Populists Are Receiving Harsh Treatment Compared to Others by the Big Tech

KanekoaTheGreat believes that most of our thoughts and political or worldly views are closely knit with Google. We cannot rely on the information Big Tech tells us since they’re deliberately blocking out content that seems to “violate” their rules. Why are the conservatives and populists receiving such treatment from Google while others get a free pass?

Disgusted by the tactics deployed by Google, its software developer, Zach Voorhies, released more than 900 pages of internal documents that exposed Google’s blacklist that contained a majority of conservative and populist websites or content. The leak also showed how Google designed its machine-learning algorithm to target such websites and ban them from the platform.

Voorhies mentioned fringe rank classifiers, indicating that the search engine ranks websites based on an unknown metric of quality or reliability. Google allegedly inserted political bias into their algorithm that favored liberal media over conservative ones believing that CBS and CNN were more authoritative than Fox News or RT America.

Violation of the First Amendment by Private Companies like Google

Google has the power to do whatever they want. After all, it is a private company and not a state actor. But since when did Google have the authority to label certain reports as “fake” or certain websites as “authoritative”?

There are billions of people on Google and YouTube each day, and such actions are more reckless than they’re doing any good. Is Google dictating how American democracy should be? It became clear that they were influencing an individual’s purchasing decision after the Federal Trade Commission decided to sue Google for deceptive endorsements. What’s stopping them from violating the First Amendment by blacklisting content?

To combat all the allegations against Google, their representatives testified before Congress stating that there is no prejudice or bias against any website or content, and neither does Google promote blacklisting.

Perhaps it’s just how the algorithm is, and the websites it bans are violating the company’s rules. But if that is the case, why was there news of former Google chief and current Alphabet Chair Eric Schmidt in bed with people running the Clinton Campaign and how Schmidt continues to fund critical positions in the Biden administration?

In July 2019, the White House and former president Donald Trump publicly supported the allegations against Google by former employees such as James Damore. These former Googlers revealed the anti-conservative bias practices spread across Google and other social media platforms.

In 2022, research revealed that Gmail was moving all the emails sent by Republicans into spam. It further revealed that since 2019, Google spent over $2 billion to filter 77% of the Republican’s fundraising emails while only flagging about 11% of all Democratic emails. Again, Big Tech denied all wrongdoings and said that spam filtering is usually based on the user’s preferences.

Google and the Discrimination in the Workplace Against Black Employees

Discrimination and bias are not only exhibited by blacklisting content but also inside the company against black employees. The Department of Fair Employment and Housing began an investigation into Google after a former lawsuit filed in US District Court sought a class action for the systematic bias against Black employees.

It alleges that Google subjected black employees to a hostile work environment, with many incidents of security checks at the office or its California campus. Will there be a court order against Google for such discrimination in the workplace? Will Google face punitive damages for such discrimination?

If there is discrimination at the workplace by Google or other companies, employees need to raise their voices, contact an experienced employment attorney and learn more about their legal rights. Federal and state law protects employees against workplace bias and discrimination, and an attorney can help file claims or pursue lawsuits against such companies.

Google Blacklisting and Bias Against Patriotic Lawyers and How to Avoid

As attorneys, we often face a serious backlash from the Google algorithm when we tend to speak on controversial topics. So, how do we avoid them?

Well, the not-so-simple solution to Google’s bias towards certain topics or patriotic lawyers is internal protests and outside intervention. We’ve seen how internal protests against executives facing sexual misconduct at the workplace changed the company’s policy. As lawyers, we cannot protest internally, but we can unite together, draft policies that would help steer the company’s policy and create awareness on such an issue.

We must consider certain questions before launching a nationwide campaign as attorneys. Should we request Congress to help, despite the allegations against them of colluding with social media companies? Or should we protect the First Amendment by reaching out to the courts? Are judges just as worried now about being canceled or injured after politicians encouraged people to stand in front of their homes and protest SCOTUS over a leaked document?

Until then, the simple solution is to self-regulate and avoid talking about such topics. Google’s algorithm has access to all the sites, and any person speaking against the narrative they’re trying to push forward may face a ban or find their business and livelihood threatened. Donate to the same left-wing causes as Google and its employees at GooglePlex, keep moving forward with your SEO, and hope for the best!

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