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Our Originals all have special technical skills that make us extraordinary. We are all about using technology to give our clients the very best user experience.

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    Building the world’s largest case referral network, Circle of Legal Trust only accepts referring members who pay referral fees on time and give fellow members regular case status updates. Leave the ego at the door. Get this done and keep the Rainmakers happy!

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    Search Engine Rankings

    For lawyers

    Ranking, like paying referral fees is all about trust. And to convey and display trust, you must be in compliance with best search engine optimization techniques. Our Las Vegas Conventions and Podcasting keep our vetted members in the loop.

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    We teach our lawyers to do their own marketing so they don’t fall victims to the next SEO scammers. Do it the right way, means doing it yourself.

  • ADA Compliance


    Is your legal website ADA Compliant? If not, maybe you should have one of our experts check it out? We can help save you from getting sued.

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Why you should choose COLT

Simple. We are are the only worldwide organization of lawyers that requires each lawyer to agree to pay their referral fees, give regular case updates, and understand online search and marketing ethics.

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Based in Marina del Rey, CA, Circle of Legal Trust in an international organization of referral and referring attorneys.

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