The Trust Circle Originals

The Circle of Legal Trust has Only a Few Originals

Michael Ehline
A few months before he passed away, Johnny Cochran signed Mike Ehline’s “Remedies Book.”

Ehline’s many inspirations. Michael Ehline and Johnny Cochran at LAX a few months before his passing.

California personal injury attorney Michael P. Ehline, started the Circle of Legal Trust in or about June of 2012. Ehline, who was inspired by Google’s Matt Cutts, was doing social media before anyone ever even knew what it was. His area of expertise is teaching other lawyers how to increase their authorship signals, social and otherwise, in preparation for the future. (Read More.)

Anthony Castelli

Anthony Castelli
Anthony Castelli, attorney at law, social media guru

Cincinnati injury lawyer, Anthony Castelli, is the sergeant at arms. His area of expertise is social relationship building. He is the man who reaches out to other lawyers with valuable content, helping these trusted attorneys get their message out to potential clients, researchers and law students.

David Slepkow

David is the last of the originals. Slepkow is a divorce attorney. His area of expertise here is on how to build the right business profile, and strategies to get positive reviews from clients and peers alike on sites AVVO and

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