Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey Makes Shocking Request of Elon Musk

Over the past two years, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has used its influence on social media companies to shape narratives and steer elections in its favor. Elon Musk, the new CEO of Twitter, has progressively released company files that many refer to as Twitter Files to reveal the internal workings before buying it.

Following the release of Twitter Files, former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey requested the eccentric billionaire, Musk, something many didn’t expect. Circle of Legal Trust believes in complete transparency; the story we will discuss is about that.

Former Twitter CEO Requests Releasing Information That Could Send Shockwaves

The developing story of how the DNC influenced Twitter management and other social media platforms into doing their bidding is shocking. Deep down, many suspected manipulation and political engineering from the DNC, which included controlling Twitter, but there was no concrete evidence or narrative on the media until Musk took office.

After purchasing Twitter, Musk announced that the company would release documents and internal conversations about how Twitter operated before his takeover. The move came as a bold step in gaining public confidence, as Musk aims to revive the company after its stagnation.

Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey Makes Shocking Request of Elon Musk

As Musk revealed the first tranche of the Twitter Files, the media called it a smoke show rather than something groundbreaking. Many, including Musk, believe the media should apologize for their lies rather than take jabs at the Twitter Files.

However, following the release of the first tranche of the Twitter Files, Jack Dorsey, former CEO of Twitter, reached out to Musk with a startling request. In a tweet to Elon, Dorsey asked him to release all internal documents in one go rather than releasing some over a couple of weeks.

Dorsey explained that if the new Twitter CEO wants to regain the public’s trust, he should release all documents, including current and future actions, to the public without any filters. 

Jack Dorsey made the request after Musk tweeted that he would release the next set of Twitter Files.

Dorsey had some disagreements with the company’s board a couple of months before he exited the company. According to New York Post, Dorsey had a fallout with an investor group named Elliott Management, who tried to remove him from the company in 2020.

When Musk started getting cold feet, he put the deal to buy Twitter on hold, prompting Dorsey to file a lawsuit against him. The lawsuit required the two to release conversations with each other.

The messages expressed Dorsey’s desire for Musk to join Twitter’s board, but the “activist” Elliott Management continued to pressure the then-CEO to prevent Musk from joining.

According to the released text messages, Dorsey explained how the board was risk averse and that introducing Musk on Twitter could add more risk. However, the CEO of the social media platform stated that the decision was not his but the board, which he found was simply stupid.

Dorsey also urged Musk to run Twitter with an open-source model that won’t become a victim of advertising pressure. He agreed with the criticisms that there was a lot of pressure on Twitter to make specific content moderation decisions.

Could Twitter Be Hiding Something That Jack Dorsey Knows?

The tweet urging Elon Musk to release all internal files at once raises questions about what Dorsey wants the public to see. Could it be serious content moderation exerted by the United States government? Or is it just another “smoke show” like the media portrayed the previous tranche of Twitter Files?

Even after all the allegations of free speech suppression, Twitter executives continued to praise the platform as a town square where everyone has their own opinions and can voice their concerns.

However, the social media company received severe public backlash after they banned former president Donald Trump, stating a risk of further incitement of violence after Trump loyalists attacked the Capitol.

It seems all too convenient that the Republicans faced unnecessary scrutiny from Twitter. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Republican of Georgia, was among the many who faced a permanent ban on Twitter when Jack Dorsey was in command. At the time, the company stated that Greene violated its policy on coronavirus misinformation.

Soon after taking office, Musk unbanned Greene, Trump, and many others as part of his campaign to promote free speech on the social media platform.

Another move Elon took recently was to terminate Deputy General Counsel Jim Baker. Many know him for the Russian hoax where former president Donald Trump supposedly colluded with the Kremlin to win the 2016 race. In the released Twitter Files, it is clear that Baker pressurized Twitter management to exercise caution with the Hunter Biden story.

Many users and journalists questioned why Twitter took so long to release the files and internal documents. Part of the reason for the delay in files was Jim Baker, who vetted the first tranche of Twitter Files without knowledge of new management.

Musk replied that he had no idea this was going on, which could’ve been the primary reason for removing Baker. Conservative journalists believe Baker was the FBI’s asset and a portal for them to control Twitter and scrub company documents. 

It seems that Musk wants past misdeeds to come to light in the next set of internal documents.

Breaking News as Musk Releases Another Tranche of Twitter Files

On December 9, 2022, Musk released another tranche of Twitter Files that revealed the dark secret of free speech restriction. The documents revealed that the employees actively limited Twitter accounts they deemed unfavorable, suppressed trending topics, and had an entire blacklist made.

The company put right-wing thinkers on the list while actively shadow-banning accounts and preventing their tweets from trending. Vijaya Gadde, the Head of Legal Policy and Trust of Twitter before Musk showed him the door, denied all accusations of shadow banning. However, the newly released documents suggest otherwise.

According to the Twitter Files, the company also had a cozy relationship with federal officials who demanded free speech suppression. As Musk distances himself from the previous policies of Twitter and heads towards lighter moderation policies, there are daunting challenges that await him.

What Is the Right and Only Path for Twitter to Follow?

Musk needs to make it clear to the public and the authorities that the government and elected officials have no business dictating the rules for the company and how they should implement it.

Social media platforms have the right to ban or enforce unfair content restrictions, but when the company takes cues from the government, it leads to unconstitutional speech restrictions. Since the government has the power to make it challenging to run social media companies, any request is often followed by implicit threats (regulations and litigations).

Recently, Rep. Adam Schiff demanded Musk take action on the hate speech on Twitter, to which Musk replied that the hate speech had gone down since the takeover. However, he should’ve asked Schiff what gives him the authority to demand censorship of speech that offends him (First Amendment), clearly suggesting Musk is facing confusion about the company’s direction.

Musk still has a long way to go before establishing a social media company that promotes free speech, and he should start by telling Schiff to mind his own business.

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