Circle of Legal Trust is Cutting Edge

After the Panda and Penguin shakeups of 2012, we were at our wits end spending money of PPC for little or no ROI. Circle of Legal Trust helped us understand the algorithms and fix our legal website so we could get back on top. … [Read more…]

Circle of Legal Trust Helped Our Firm Immeasurably

Like most lawyers who were ranking well prior to 2012, we fell off in traffic, and our SEO people were not able to resolve the problem. Circle of Legal Trust took advantage of the Google Hangouts on Air Feature, and we were able to brainstorm and mastermind with other attorneys and cutting edge marketing experts. Ultimately this led to getting our organic ranking back, plus the benefit of ranking better than ever, and warm marketing referrals internationally. Unlike other so-called lawyer organizations, … [Read more…]