Why Lawyers Should Never Use Agencies That Sell Links Building Disavow Link Services

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Link building is one of the most significant authority signals to search engines, which is why many lawyers focus on it by either doing it themselves or outsourcing it to agencies who do it for them.

However, careless link building can adversely affect your search engine rankings, tainting your website’s reputation in the eyes of Google’s algorithm. Let’s explore SEO link building and why you should avoid SEO agencies with Circle of Legal Trust.

Before we go on to why lawyers should avoid SEO agencies that sell link building, you must know the difference between the two types of links:

  • Internal links: These direct readers from one web page of your website to another and are also referred to as hyperlinks.
  • External links (Inbound links): These are links added to your law firm’s website from another website.

Many SEO agencies promise a heap of milestones for your website, and they have the expertise to handle the SEO for your law firm’s website. Although there are some great SEO agencies, in reality, not all can create a good reputation for your website.

Many lawyers, busy in their legal practice, often leave the SEO bit to the agencies, hoping they will take care of their SEO needs. We also stand by focusing on your core (legal practice) and outsourcing SEO to grow your law firm efficiently.

However, most lawyers do not know much about the world of search engine optimization and end up becoming victims to SEO agencies who have no idea what they’re doing.

Here is why lawyers should never use agencies that sell links building disavow link services.

A tactic SEO agencies are notorious for, they leave links in the comments section on blogs in the hopes of diverting traffic, but all they’re doing is creating a bad reputation through this link building campaign.

Think about it, a potential client seeing a link flagged as spam would definitely not click on it.

Using a Spam Agency

Spam SEO agencies use software to send multiple invites for different clients to the same website owners, which can be annoying and increase the risk of getting reported.


When you hire an SEO agency, they become your voice and a way to propel your brand forward. Inexperienced SEO “experts” can put a dent in your brand name by sending messages or creating campaigns that your clients or potential clients do not want to see.

Overdoing Directories

Although these are now a small ranking factor, web directories are still used by agencies to generate traffic on websites.

Not all directories are beneficial to your law firm’s website, and to be really honest with you, most of them may not be doing much for your search engine rankings. They may even adversely hurt your website’s reputation as most of these are often filled with spam, and search engines quickly devalue websites listed on directories with spammy links.

Bad Community Member

Forums can be a great place to create awareness and build a reputation for your brand. But SEO agencies that promise you ratings often spam these forums by copy-pasting the website’s link in every sub-forum comments section.

Such tactics can cause moderators to immediately ban you from the website and label your posts as spam, sending a negative message to potential clients about your business.

Now that you know how bad link-building campaign can affect your website ranking on Google’s search results, here are some of the best strategies you can embark on to improve your law firm’s online presence.

Guest Postings

Guest posts are a popular link-building strategy, with 53% of SEO experts recommending guest posting for website owners. An attorney can increase their law firm’s visibility by becoming a guest blogger on an authoritative website.

Use backlink checking software to determine which links your competitor’s website is using and duplicate them. Once you know which links they’re using, you can reach out to web admins and ask them to link to your website.

Broken links can adversely impact your website’s SEO, which is why it is essential to detect broken links as early as possible and replace them.

Approach Resources Websites

There are resources websites that you can approach to ask for a link to your website.

Although social media backlinks may not improve your website’s SEO rankings, they can increase traffic to your website.

Consider Meta Descriptions

Google show meta description on some search engine results pages, and if you’re adding a meta description to your content, it’s best practice to apply it to all your web pages and make them unique.

Avoiding Bad Reputation

Here are a few simple suggestions to prevent a bad reputation:

  • Avoid bulk spam or investing in low-quality paid links. There is nothing wrong with buying links from authoritative sites, but avoid spammy sites.
  • Avoid using content farms as they publish content to drive “link juice” to other websites.
  • Avoid low-quality links or placing links on websites that are heavily spammed.
  • Make sure you personalize every invite before sending it to a website.
  • Make sure you do your research on the website you’re sending an invite to and see whether it suits your law firm’s business.
  • Make valuable comments on blog posts after reading them rather than spamming them with your law firm website’s links.
  • Disavow bad links. These are a list of links that a website owner asks Google to ignore. You can rectify your past “sins” by disavowing bad links.

If you suspect that your website’s rating is dropping because of your SEO agency, it’s time that you consider replacing them with those who offer experienced and customized services. Not all SEO agencies can help law firms and their websites build trust and online presence, and you need to find one with extensive experience in building links and rankings for law firms.

Contact us at (888) 494-5015 for a free consultation with our SEO experts. We are a group of lawyers who understand the link-building process and can guide you on how to build links and improve your website’s search engine rankings.

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