More Problems for Former President Donald Trump! | Here Is What We Know

Bill Barr Says DOJ ‘Getting Very Close’ To Having Sufficient Evidence To Indict Trump

In an appearance on Fox News, former president Donald Trump’s attorney general, William Barr was asked about indicting Donald Trump. He said the “justice department is getting very close to having enough evidence to indict.”

This is the latest development in the ever-increasing legal peril facing Trump recently. Ever since the leader of the Republican party lost the presidential election, there have been efforts to indict Donald Trump.

However, if what the former attorney general Bill Barr said to Fox News about the government’s evidence to indict Trump is true, then the entire prosecution may be deeply flawed. This means it may be a while before any Federal judge can actually prosecute Trump.

What Is the Justice Department Accusing Former President Donald Trump Of?

Government investigators are accusing the Trump Administration for:

  • Violating the Espionage Act after very sensitive documents were found on Trump’s desk in Mar-a-Lago
  • Obstruction of an investigation that ties Trump to government documents, called executive privilege documents
  • Removal or destruction of government records and classified documents

As former attorney general Bill Barr says, these are very serious allegations that, unlike failing to return a library book, can impact national security. Whether the current attorney general has enough evidence to indict former President Donald Trump is what remains to be seen.

What Does Former Attorney General Bill Barr Think?

Asked about his opinion on the technical case revolving around the highly classified documents seized from President Trump, the former attorney general expressed hope and said, before the department of justice can indict a former president, they must consider the following:

  • The precedent it will set
  • Potential fallout if they indict Trump
  • How it would impact the country

While he was not advocating for Trump to escape legal repercussions, Barr discussed Trump’s petition for a review of the government records and documents by a special master. Barr said he did not see the petition fundamentally changing the trajectory of the case.

However, even though he doubted trump’s claims regarding executive privilege rules, Barr said the government should return all documents and government stuff seized from Mar-a-Lago that are protected by the attorney-client privilege.

While radical left democrats are close to having enough ammo to destroy Trump’s status for such an abuse of power and such recklessness, Barr expressed concern over the impact of the DOJ’s investigation and said the people need to worry about those things. In response to Barr’s Tuesday appearance on the news, Trump hit back at him, calling the former attorney general, shortly, a “weak and pathetic RINO.”

Could a Good Lawyer Help the Former President?

Ever since Trump left office, the former President and his loyal aides have been facing many accusations, from mass fraud to endangering the country’s security by mishandling classified information.

This situation has resulted in a lot of, at times, contradictory analyses from the Trump camp. Now they are asking for a special master to review documents central to the DOJ’s case! Maybe with a better lawyer by his side, former president Donald Trump would have gotten indicted on lesser charges or not at all.

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