May 13th to May 15th COLT Convention Las Vegas

Circle of Legal Trust

So just when you thought you were done staying on top of the SERPS and building your multi state referral network. Circle of Legal Trust, in association with Personal Injury Warriors International, Hereby announces the Third Annual Law Vegas Convention from May 13-15th.


The oval table.

DAY 1. Dinner, drinks and meeting.

DAY 2. Vegas HIRL (Hangout in Real Life) Guest speakers at this HIRL (Hangout in Real Life) will include attorney Michael Ehline, Steven Sweat, Anthony Castelli, Andre van Wyk, Chris Dreyer and many more. We are expecting Dan Goldstein as well, so this should be a real, mega whopper.

This event is not just for PI lawyers, far from it. It is only that right now, Circle of Legal Trust has enough lawyers who practice tort law to set up a nationwide and even worldwide association of experienced tort lawyers. However, the organization is growing in members of the family law and criminal defense bar.

DAY 3 – Late morning drinks and poolside chat on advanced tactics and basic elbow-rubbing with marketers and lawyers.

Things that Will Be Discussed At the Third Annual Circle of Legal Trust Las Vegas Convention HIRL on May 14th

There will be many matters important to struggling post Panda, Venice, and Pigeon, and Penguin, Fwashew, discussed, starting with inter alia:

Scroll down for program and topics.

May 14th

    • Conrad

      10:00 am to 10:45 am. Easy and Effective Methods of Tracking Cost Per Client with Conrad Saam: In online marketing, lawyers very rarely get what they wanted. And that’s because they very rarely know either how much they are getting. What does Conrad mean? Despite collectively spending hundreds of millions of dollars across every online marketing channel conceivable, it is the rare law firm that can answer a simple question. How much do my clients cost?
      And without knowing how much clients cost, you can’t evaluate the efficacy of any given marketing investment. So the solution is mind-numbingly simple. But it requires the deployment of easy to use infrastructure. And it also needs an internal discipline to assess performance.


  • Chris Dreyer

    Chris Dreyer, President and Founder of

    11:00 am to 11:45. – Chris Dryer – “Shifting to Mobile Search for Lawyers” This internationally famous Online Public Relations Expert discusses the expansion of mobile search for lawyers. And he tells us about the necessity to make the switch now.

  • Andrew Orlander

    1:00 pm to 1:45 pm. Andrew Orlander –

    Generating More Leads from Your Website”

  • What makes a good website in 2015
  • Knowing the Rules
  • How to know if your website has a penalty
  • What you can’t do in 2015
  • Best Practices for Improving Rank and Domain Authority
  • Strategic Engagement – Content Marketing

Joseph Mas

4. 2:50 pm -3:45 pm – Joseph Mas – Impact of Technical SEO on ROI.” Summary: Gain insight on how technical SEO can impact every area of an online presence and ROI. Areas to be discussed include: increased marketing reach, branding, drastically reduced PPC costs, organic growth through search, and quality of leads and reduced junk leads. So Joe will highlight technical points and give insight as to what items should be considered when evaluating the health of a site. And he’ll cover why and how it affects ROI.

Michael Ehline on Content networks

5. 3:50 p.m. -4:50 pm – Michael Ehline, Esq.Open Discussion on DMCA, Defeating and Stopping Negative SEO, Domain authority for lawyers and firms 101 with Michael Ehline. So below is an easy to understand discussion.

  • Individual authority for practitioners;
  • Brand authority;
  • City “centroid” for lawyers wanting to rank for major LOCAL keyword terms in large locales like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, etc, and/or Maps;
  • Future of Google Plus
  • Public Relations; how to do it.
  • Reporting/Recording Infrastructure
  • Unblocking Majestic
  • Latest Neg SEO attacks and Suing Spam Hosts Like OVH Canada, France
  • For example, one way to build your brand is community outreach in the local city. So Google may just have inadvertently helped a lot of charities by rewarding community outreach. But we are going to talk about the various communities both on and offline. So now we can avoid getting in trouble for overdoing it. So we must focus on MAINLY answering questions most consumers would likely ask.
  • Also, a major part of community outreach is public relations. So we are going to talk about what works well. And then we’ll see what works sort ok. After that, we’ll see how this contributes to brand building. Most of all, this is the name of the game. (David Jones from Splash Press, and Michael Iwasaki, a founder of 24-7 Press Release. Both are being asked to speak on this.)

Also, I have learned a lot from Carter Maslan, former head of Google Local, over the years. So I am trying my best to get him to at least attend by Google video feed at the very least. As always, I am reaching out to Eric Enge, Goldstein, Andre, Dreyer, Price. And perhaps we will even get David Jones with Splashpress Media.

So we will update this list and invitation as more data comes in.

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