Matt Dolman Flies to California for Circle Meeting!

Circle of Legal Trust

Circle of Legal Trust Using Social Media to Bring Attorneys Together

By Michael P. Ehline, Esq.: Many of the members of the Circle of Legal Trust are aware that we are still a fledgling confederation of attorneys.

But when it came to my attention that several contributing members were unhappy that their competitors are making entreaties into joining the Circle, Florida injury attorney Matt Dolman and I decided to get together. We wanted to meet to draft some rules for submission to the originals for consideration. Of course we ,needed to plan the trip around a boxing match. You see, we are both into the martial arts and pugilism. So we waited till the Brando Rios fight in Los Angeles County.

The Gist of the Rules

We have only decided upon an outline, but the most important rule is that any new members who are also located in the same geographical area, and practice area, as an existing member, will need to: (1) Pass a Vote of the Originals; (2)Can be vetoed by any member who is geographically infringed upon by the new pledge. This will please David Slepkow, we hope.

The Meeting

First, I gotta say, Matt Dolman is a beast. Look at this picture of me standing next to him. Mind you, I am a lean 165, and work out with heavy weights 4 days a week.

Dolman was huge! We are hoping our next meeting will be in Maui or Las Vegas and we ask that Circle members help us research universal CEB credits so we can all get credits and have a seminar.

So anyone else who wants to help, please do so!

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