Here Is How Lawyers Should Blog – 5 Important Steps for Your Law Firm’s Website

There are roughly 4.4 million blog posts published each day, and thousands of them are from legal blogs. Since that content is flooding the internet, it’s hard to create content that will stand apart. That’s why, when you blog for the law firm, no one shares or reads it!

How do you come up with content ideas that will stand out? Your blog must be full of information everyone wants to read, link to, and share.

You’re in luck because today, I will show you how to create a legal blog that will bring in prospective clients and help you offer legal expertise to everyone in need.

Step 1 – Ubersuggest for Keyword Phrases Relating to the Law Firm

You should visit first and type in the keyword phrase for your legal blog post. Tap on the “search” button. It’s best to use one or two words here.

Step 2 – Get a Report

Once you’ve found a keyword phrase that matches your personal injury law firm needs, go to the “content ideas” section to generate a report.

The report shows the top blog posts already on the internet. They’re broken down in many ways, and you should look for one that has many of the elements. These are often the best legal blog posts for a law firm.

Step 3 – Pick a Blog Post for Your Legal Blog

Pick one of those successful legal blogs that you want for your law firm’s blog. Take note of the estimated visits, backlink counts, and social shares.

The best advice for your new blog post is to ensure that you don’t pick content from larger brands than yours. For example, don’t select content from CNN because search engines will always put that first, even if you are a skilled and capable lawyer with the same relevant keywords.

Step 4 – Rewrite It (Law Firms Take Note)

Rewrite that chosen post and make it better with the “skyscraper technique.” This is a content marketing strategy where you’re doing something better than your competition, which means you naturally get more clients and attention.

Think of a skyscraper. When someone claims they will build the next largest one, it generates press. Likewise, Dubai released the first-ever seven-star hotel and got attention, so there was no marketing budget necessary.

This tactic gets people to share information on social media platforms. You also have potential clients looking into your legal services and will see higher Google rankings.

Legal professionals should make sure they’re using similar keywords in their posts. You learned about them from your Ubersuggest report. However, you can continue scrolling to see the “next 10” options.

Ensure that your keywords relate to your firm. For example, if your practice area is family law, you should focus on things a family lawyer would do.

Blogging for lawyers primarily focuses on improving the current blog content available. Therefore, you should reach out to various websites that added links to the original. In your Ubersuggest report, tap the “backlinks” button.

Once the article is on the blogging platform, visit each website, reaching out to them to let them know it’s there.


Overall, blogging for lawyers is something anyone can do, and the goal is to be first in the Google search engine results. Legal blogging can be fun, and you can then start bringing in legal industry influencers to provide legal knowledge on legal topics.

Whether you’re focused on legal news or providing information that blog readers want to know, it’s important to use your law degree in a way that benefits your legal career and assists others.

As long as your blogging strategy focuses on the target audience and search engine optimization to get search rankings, you should attract potential clients effortlessly.

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