Elder Abuse Case: Robert Downey Jr. Facing Copyright Lawsuit over New Podcast


The celebrity podcast game is hot these days, and in recent news, a man sued Robert Downey Jr over using parts from his book for a podcast without receiving permission for it. It could land the actor in hot waters.

Let’s look at the details of the news “Robert Downey Jr. facing copyright lawsuit over new podcast” with Circle of Legal Trust and our attorneys.

Robert Downey Jr Faces Lawsuit for Alleged “Elder Abuse” Over the Sunshine Place

Robert Downey Jr is now on a podcast scene where he is producing one alongside his wife Susan, The Sunshine Place. It sheds light on the deeply personal stories that delved into the twisted cautionary tale of the incredible lengths people would go to seek answers. The podcast explores the epic rise and fall of a cult named Synanon.

The actor’s film production company, Team Downey, recently received a copyright lawsuit explaining how Robert Downey Jr subjected another man to “elder abuse.”

On September 13, 2022, 77-year-old Paul Morantz filed a suit against Robert Downey Jr over contract breach and copyright infringement. 

The lawsuit claims Robert Downey Jr did not properly obtain rights to Morantz’s content in his second book before releasing an investigative podcast, The Sunshine Place, on it.

In the legal documents in the Los Angeles County Court, Morantz explains the book he was referring to, stating that it explores a drug rehab center called Synanon, where addicts would come to receive treatment. 

However, Synanon leader Bill Crawford at the time declared the institution a religion, a place where middle-class individuals would seek an imaginary community or society rather than treatment.

Morantz claims that the Iron Man actor used the stories about Synanon in his book for his podcast without striking a deal, causing him to file a copyright lawsuit for “elder abuse” and breach of contract.

Victim Alleges Executive Producer Alongside His Team Could Not Use His Book Unless They Strike a Separate Tentative Deal

According to the alleged victim, he provided a digital copy of the book to Robert Downey Jr to use as an investigative tool under an agreement whereby Downey Jr would not use the content unless he made a deal with Morantz.

The 77-year-old Attorney Claims Emotional Distress from Financial Abuse

Paul is a cult-fighting lawyer that wrote his first book about Synanon before winning a $300,000 lawsuit against Synanon in 2021. 

Now he is claiming “elder abuse,” stating that the financial abuse at his age has caused him emotional trauma.

Can You Sue for Financial Exploitation of the Elderly?

State laws for elder financial abuse vary, but some states, including California, have proper guidelines for recovery. Financial abuse is often a civil matter, and the process of recovering compensation is long and tedious. Having an attorney on your side can increase your chances of settlement.

If you are an elderly financial abuse victim, contact COLT for a free consultation on your case with one of our donors or sponsors, as you may be eligible for compensation.

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