Best Law Keywords in 2022 and Conducting Keywords Search for 2023

Search engine optimization is essential for law firms to reach out to potential clients, and keyword research is crucial for the SEO success of your law firm’s website. This Circle of Legal Trust article will cover trending law keywords and how to conduct keyword research for your firm.

SEO Terminologies Your Law Firm Should Know

Let’s go over some essential SEO terminologies.

Monthly Search Volume

The monthly search volume (MSV) is the average number of times users search a specific keyword in a month, and keyword research tools can help you get the monthly search volume data which you can use as a guiding metric for your content.

However, it is crucial to understand that you could get different data depending on the tool you use, and if your keyword research tool shows zero MSV for a keyword, it may not necessarily mean no one searched it.

Keyword Difficulty

Keyword difficulty shows how difficult it is to rank for a particular keyword. Higher keyword volume can have a higher difficulty score as many law firms are fighting to rank for them.

You will need backlinks from authoritative websites and supporting content to rank for such competitive keywords.

Keyword Intent

The intent behind a user’s search is also essential to understand. When you use SEM Rush, you’ll find keywords like “how to select a law firm” labeled as informational and “California personal injury lawyer” labeled as commercial.

The difference between the two is intent. Users are searching the former to find an answer to their question, while the latter could mean that users are investigating legal services.

Keyword Clusters

Clusters are keywords with similar intent, and it is crucial that you put all of those together on a single page rather than create multiple pages, as it could harm your website’s ranking.

Here is an example of a keyword cluster:

  • Injury lawyers Los Angeles city
  • Injury lawyers LA
  • Injury attorneys in Los Angeles city

It may seem that there are slight variations in the legal keywords, but the intent is the same; users are looking for injury lawyers in Los Angeles.

Best Law Keywords for Personal Injury Lawyers in 2022

Some of the best keywords for your law firm website in 2022 included:

  • Personal injury lawyer
  • Auto accident lawyer
  • Motorcycle accident lawyer
  • Car accident lawyer near me
  • Wrongful death lawyer
  • Slip and fall lawyer
  • Bicycle accident lawyer
  • Workers compensation lawyer
  • Uber accident lawyer
  • Premises liability lawyer
  • Birth injury lawyer
  • Boat accident attorney
  • Slip and fall accident lawyer.

Always Consider Using Localized Keywords

Google’s search results work in such a way that whenever you type a keyword or a query in their search engine, it will give you results based on your location.

The search engine uses the user’s location data, giving them a personalized search result.

You can try it yourself by searching “personal injury lawyer,” “civil litigation lawyer,” or any other practice area, and you’ll find results optimized for your location.

If Google does not understand your location, it won’t be able to know the target audience to push your content to, which is why using local SEO can help get your website better search results.

How to Do Keyword Research for Your Law Firm?

Most marketing firms would tell you to use seed keywords in a keyword research tool and build your content around the SEO keywords with the highest search volume, as, theoretically, that could drive more traffic to your website.

Keyword research works great at times. However, some guiding metrics can be inaccurate, as we mentioned earlier. Also, you don’t want more “eyeballs” on your website but want people on search engines looking to hire your law firm for legal advice.

Here are four strategies you can use to ensure your website ranks better on google search results:

  • Map the concerns or queries of prospective clients to keyword ideas and start writing content surrounding those, giving legal advice.
  • Use legal forums to scout for questions people are asking and incorporate those in your keyword search.
  • Conduct competitor research using online free tools and find what keywords they are using.
  • Use the Google search console to get organic keywords you’re ranking for and find related keywords that you can make an article on.

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