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Sponsorship of the Last Convention

COLT Con 2017 Sponsors:

Below is the sponsor list for Colt Con 2017. To pay for your sponsorship go here.

Gold Sponsors: $5,0000 and up.

Matt DolmanMatthew Dolman (seen on the right) of the Dolman Law Group. This year he is covering the Palazzo Banquet Room. Most of all, we are so happy he is on board once again.

Also, Matt has led the fight against online marketing fraud in the State of Florida. But he also has a fantastic injury law firm and website here. Check it out.

Personal Injury Warriors International.

Personal Injury, Online Magazines

Personal Injury Warriors assist sickened, ill, and negligently harmed individuals. Most of all, the goal is helping people understanding medicine and personal injury law. Also, we have a convenient membership directory. And we maintain a stringent vetting process to help us discover licensing and other credentials. So all this gets handled before any professional may join the organization.

We discuss a broad range of things involving varying bodily injury scenarios, and may even be helpful to these individuals in getting care for bad things that happened to them.


Gary A DordickLaw Offices of Gary A. Dordick – This year our 2016 Personal Injury Attorney of the Year, Gary A. Dordick (Seen here on the right), is covering the costs of a full bar and even an assistant to help facilitate our clandestine meeting on April 20, 2017, at the Palazzo Hotel Banquet Room. We are thankful to this esteemed injury lawyer and when you need a personal injury lawyer in Vegas do not hesitate in contact him for help.

$500 Diamond sponsors.

SweatSteven M Sweat, APC  – Injury attorney Steve Sweat has agreed to contribute $500 towards food, drinks, and incidentals. Steve is one of our original members, a team player and Jiu Jitsu practitioner.

We are very grateful for his help in the last several conventions.

Richard Rizk, Esq.Richard Rizk – This Portland personal injury attorney is a hard charger. And this year, he has agreed to cover catering for one of the meals during our three-day convention. So check out his firm’s website here.

Aryan Khalili E.A

KhaliliAryan Khalili has donated his time and efforts to helping promote our seminar. Please consider using his services in the future.

Here is what he is all about:

“Nothing is impossible, not if you have the chance to do it,” quips Aryan Khalili E.A. Aryan, an expert in tax negotiation deals in helping clients fix their IRS audits and tax issues. “My ideal clients are those with complicated tax issues or those who only want to file their taxes. We maximize their refund and propel their companies to profit,” he says.

Also, Aryan has a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from DeVry University. He is a qualified Enrolled Agent with the International Revenue having passed three comprehensive exams. He additionally holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and has been in the accounting field for two years managing finances and loans.

Also, Aryan is most passionate about helping clients fix their IRS audits and tax issues. Most of all, Aryan saves his clients thousands of dollars to settle their tax returns for less. But this is how he operates.

I Help Resolve Tax Debt

“They owe money regarding tax to the IRS. So I resolve their taxes for less. And sometimes even to zero. Of special interest, there are also times I file amended returns. So maybe I get my clients more money than they deserved.”

A very understanding individual with a deep concern for his clients. So Aryan even helps clients with bookkeeping and audits for their companies. And he assists even with inventories. Last, aside from that, he runs a translation company known as AZ Translation Services available at http://aztranslator.com
Away from work, Aryan is good at wrestling, having attended wrestling classes after school while in high school.

$250 dollar sponsors and up.

Dreyer, ChrisChris Dreyer is an innovative Internet marketer. And he has specialized in legal marketing for several years. Noteworthy here, he remains the President and Founder of Rankings.io.

Page 1 Solutions.

Page 1 SolutionsPage 1 Solutions: http://www.page1solutions.com/employee/about-goldstein.html. So the Circle has dealt happily with Dan Goldstein, and Page 1. And they have both consistently been at the forefront of alternative advertising methods and solutions in a post Panda and Penguin World. Certainly, we are forever in their debt. And we hope to catch Dan on the HIRL. Last, this year they will cover catering for one day.


Amicus Capital is covering one of the catered meals of our event. He is a regular attendee.

Also, today firm must seek not a fractional level of improvement; it must be multiplicative.

~10x rather than 10%

Bill Tilley

Amicus Capital Group, LLC
Direct (661) 263-0030 
Toll Free (877) 926-4287
Fax (661) 263-2319

We're here for you, and we look forward to seeing you at the next Podcast!

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