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PR, Social Media, Content Marketing & SEO – A World of Rapid Changes

A few years back, the Circle of Legal Trust was put together to share insights into the world of search results and marketing. And many of you reading this are aware of. For those who have attended any of these Google Hangouts, you are probably mindful of the fact that Google has made some changes and updates over the years. In fact, Google makes more than 300 changes in a given year, although only one or two are quite significant. Social media as we know it has been around for some time now and it, too, evolves rapidly. Content marketing, which came online a few years back, has certainly grabbed the attention of those deep in the trenches. There are many tools in the toolkit of anyone in marketing; however, one of the more popular ones is press releases. As of recent, articles posted to one’s site have started to gain popularity again because of content marketing. Keep in mind, the articles or press releases must be of extreme value to your audience, followers, and … [Read More...]

How Will Google’s EU Fines Affect PPC Bids?

The Ripple Effect in the SEO Market You probably read about the big news out of Europe. Fed up with Google's rigging of search results and other similar practices, EU regulators slapped a massive fine on the web giant. The case is a major precedent that haunts the search engine. Google's growth brings similar issues no matter where it expands into. It looks like this sort of issue affects small website owners, including law firms. The New York Times reported on the case. The EU alleged Google acted as a monopoly. As a result, the body fined Google $2.7 billion. The search giant used its engine to favor its own services over those of its rivals. This competitive advantage gave Google the needed boost to crush its rivals. Using alternative platforms, including its search, Google Adsense, and others, the company systematically bent its results. Results for Legal Sites There are far reaching effects to this case well beyond the naked eye. What seems to be a corporate … [Read More...]

EU Slaps Google with More Antitrust Allegations

EU Slaps Google with More Antitrust Allegations A Precedent for the US? Google's been under a lot of heat lately. EU regulators accuse the web giant of being a monopoly. Considering its explosive growth, it makes total sense. Furthermore, the company actively used its power to swat down competitors. The situation seems to be accelerating. Google faces more and more criticism. Google is unable to adequately explain its actions to EU regulators. Seeking Alpha reported on the case. Reuters further reported on the situation. According to the EU officials, the company faces scrutiny for its Android division. The mobile phone operating system shut out competitors, the officials allege. This follows the EU's recent $2.7 billion fine. This fine is likely to be even larger. EU officials allege that Google used their abilities to hurt their competitors starting in January 2011. A third case against Google Adsense is also likely to strike the company. This could be the … [Read More...]

Google Lawyers Up Over Extensive Probe

Faces Massive Legal Scrutiny Europe mired Google in a years-long struggle over anti-trust accusations. EU regulators allege the web giant uses its influence to route money and traffic its way. Its parent company, Alphabet, is already on the hook for $2.7 billion in fines. Now the internet giant fights back. It hired a number of high powered attorneys to take on the EU. Seeking Alpha had a good piece about the situation. Reuters also covered the unfolding fight. Google hired within Europe, hiring at least five top Brussels law firms. Google also fears a possible judgement regarding its Android cell phone os. The EU also weighs another case regarding the Adsense ad platform. Google challenges the EU in a case likely to head to the General Court in Luxumbourg. Among the major firms, these include: Cleary Gottlieb, Allen & Overy, Slaughter and May, Garrigues and White & Case. For Google, a Small Price to Pay Google will not give in without a fight. Furthermore, it … [Read More...]

Fight Between EU and Google Just Warming Up

Regulators Aim for Google's Heart The fight between the European Union and Google is just starting. The two entities will not give up. EU regulators are fast on Google's trail for allegedly using its influence to manipulate many aspects of tech. The EU considers the web giant a monopoly. Google faces a number of anti-trust cases and suits. All of these are of incredible concern for Americans watching. The fallout likely creates a precedent for American courts and regulators. All of this could rapidly change the face of your phone, internet, and more. Seeking Alpha covered the situation. The case is seven years in the making. Google was officially charged with making anti-competitive moves in April 2015. Of course, Microsoft got in the act. All of these factors together influenced the EU courts. Each one hated the fact that Google used its power to affect web ads. All of this resulted in an incredible $2.7 billion fine. Its parent company Alphabet already hired a slew of … [Read More...]