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New Metrics for Old and New Sites

Building a website used to be so easy, or so it seemed. The traditional markers for Google and other search giants following seemed so simple. Instead, there is a steady stream of factors ranking yours and millions of other sites. Below we can see some of the common mistakes and positive factors and determine where you stand. Many webmasters think that their page's ranking comes down to the articles themselves. There is a point to this, to be sure. However, the actual structure of your site is often far more important. A recent article on the Monday Note touched upon some of this. Part of the issue comes down to whether or not the genuine article or piece fits into a more or less traditional page format. How old is the actual domain? Was it an anonymous registration? Each one of these factors into the site's cred. Furthermore, the H1 tag is needed for a proper crawling by search engines. An appropriate author list of individual pages shows the scope of the site. Additional info, … [Read More...]

The Decision to Outsource Legal Work

Both Brick and Mortar and Online You can't do everything. There are only so many hours in the day. Even the most dedicated attorney can't take on every single thing that they want to. There's just an upper limit to capabilities. Furthermore, day to day stress, family, and firm growing pains may make this process even more complicated. This is where many firms decide to outsource some of their work. Some use consulting attorneys or paralegals to get through a major case. Others have backups in case of illness or vacations. Each one is a tried and true method. However, technology allows further changes and in some cases a more cost effective approach. Outsourcing or Cooperation? Sometimes it's hard to find an in person consulting attorney to work with. Their schedules are often different than yours or they have another main job. However, this is where the wonders of technology come in. There are many options out there to work with a virtual attorney or paralegal. … [Read More...]

Building Your Reputation With an Ethical Base

Create Your Firm's Image in Your Own If you put that shingle out, you know the incredible weight of responsibility and potential that rests upon your shoulders. Running your own firm is not always the dream you thought it was. Maybe no one told you about the late nights at the office or driving everywhere for everything. In addition, it's a long way to the top, but if you do it in the right way, you'll get there. Part of the way you will is through your rep. Understanding how to reflect who you are for the public is key to success. Let people know that you are a local leader. Furthermore, allow your inner workings and conscience to shine for all to see. Differentiating from Your Rivals In addition, chances are, no matter where you practice or what your specialty is, you have some crooked competitors. Now, in most cases, you can't just come out and say it like that, but you know it's the truth. How do you let the public know the difference between you and them. If … [Read More...]

Playing the Modern Public Relations Game

How to Get the Word Out in the Age of the Internet? Public relations changed dramatically with the rise of the internet. With the current changes in search engines and site design, it is likely going to change almost every month. Here's where the savvy attorney gets ahead. Knowing the ins and outs of public relations and the tools to get the word out is invaluable whether you're a mom and pop firm or a major player. It's up to each firm to build its own rep, and here's a chance to look into what major media companies, consumers, and internet services look for in today's day and age. Publicity, Not Always for its Own Sake Many of the older press release websites, including Newswire are still kicking, and are often a good first step. However, many attorneys fear the idea of paying out large sums to get even the most basic message out there. There's a better way and we're here to talk about it. Some of the traditional means of getting out press releases still … [Read More...]

Surfing the Online Review Game

Not all Publicity is Good The rise of online rating systems make finding a good attorney better in some ways, and worse in others. In some cases, it is easy to tell which attorneys are well liked by their clients due to a long list of positive reviews. On the other hand, who knows whether some of the reviews are fake or even non-clients attempting to hurt a competing law firm. For the consumer, these answers aren't always clear. It is the job of the attorneys in the industry itself to ensure that only the most accurate information get to our potential clients. It takes years to build a reputation and sometimes only a small number of fake reviews to destroy it. Knowing some of the basics of online reviews can save you time and stress. The Basics Some of the top sites, such as Avvo work on the honor system. While many of these types of sites do their best to weed out fakers, it's not always possible. In fact, it's even fairly common. Only a handful of rotten responses … [Read More...]