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What is Rank Brain: Everything Attorneys Need to Know

The author’s views are entirely his or her own and may not reflect the views of Cirlce of Legal Trust. What is Rank Brain: Everything Attorneys Need to Know In 2015 Google revealed that a part of its algorithm known as Rank Brain was quickly becoming responsible for a lot of activity in ranking search results.  It is now one of the three most important ranking factors[1] for web pages (the other two being content and links).  So how does Rank Brain impact attorney’s SEO efforts?  Here’s what you need to know. What Is Rank Brain? Rank Brain is a machine-learning system developed by Google and is used to help process search results from queries entered by users.  It isn’t true artificial intelligence (which as of right now doesn’t exist) but it can build upon information to try and determine what results might be relevant to a query. Like a lot of things Google does, very little is publicly known about Rank Brain and how it actually works.  In an article with the Guardian … [Read More...]

Building Meaningful and Effective Web Content

While nearly every law firm has a website now, there is still a substantial disconnect regarding the scope of such a site and how it should be run. Many firms simply outsource the task resulting in the most bare-bones, boring site imaginable. There is little interactivity or navigability with respect to site architecture as well. Content used to be king, along with a lot of great backlinks. Now great content is just part of the ranking brain game. In the age of Google and discerning clients, more effort is needed. You may ask yourself what you can do. You're busy as it is and you're probably not a web developer. The chances that you have one on staff is low. Regardless, there are concrete steps that you can take to ensure a stronger web footprint. Not as Hard as You Think Utilize Social Media- Some of your strongest work for your site doesn't have to be on its pages at all. In fact, a large amount of traffic comes straight from Twitter and Facebook pages. Both are free … [Read More...]

Joe Mas takes the Award for 2016 for Best Speaker

Last year, it was Chris Dreyer who took best speaker at our 2015 Trust Con. Here is his award below.  This is a pretty coveted award, since it can only be awarded by a vote of the Circle of Legal Trust executive committee. Dreyer hit it out of the park last year, but this year it had to be Joseph Mas. This is because Mas had an amazing slide show and presentation that we have never seen, and his concise examples and explanations dealing with schema markup are perhaps the single most important necessities right now for both small and large firms.   Mind you Dreyer helped as a sounding board, and we had a great round table, but Joe brings energy and enthusiasm to a lot of burned out guys who have been smitten by the Panda and the Penguin. It wasn't an easy vote, but after going back and forth, it had to be Joe. If you are having issues understanding JSON, Schema, or simply want to work with a first class coder who treats you with respect, Joe is your man. Check him out at … [Read More...]

Trust Con Las Vegas 2016 Was a Hit!

For the fourth year in a row, some of the most influential attorneys in the world of online and digital marketing attended Trust Con 2016. Additionally, some of the top experts in coding, site architecture, Local and Blended search either presented live, or attended by Google HOA. The round table discussions and small group setting really helped vendors, experts and the lawyers understand the concepts, theories and case studies. The energy and vibe was family like. Tony Castelli, Dave Slepkow and Matt Dolman are always a welcome sight after another year of battling for web traffic.  The key to our success is that our fellow members know they are not going it alone when faced with all these new algorithms and sea of changes in how to build and maintain a web property. I personally want to thank everyone for their efforts at making this happen. Special Thanks At the outset, we wanted to thank Matthew Dolman of Dolman Law Group in Clearwater, Florida, for setting us up with a … [Read More...]

Legal Branding and Notoriety Just Got Easier for Attorneys!

The legal profession is more competitive than ever and, in today’s competitive legal marketplace, law firms need to build a recognizable brand identity and maintain a positive professional reputation to stay competitive. That’s why it is vitally important for your law firm to have an efficient and cost effective method for keeping the world informed about your expertise and your ability to produce results for your clients. That’s where NEWSLINE360 comes in. NEWSLINE360 is a ground-breaking marketing and PR content management system that becomes a central hub for all of the news and information you want to get to the business community, your clients and the general public. Their easy to use tools enable your marketing team to build a professionally designed, media rich online newsroom that becomes part of your website. This is what journalists have been asking for so they have access to the kind of news and information that helps them produce great coverage about the legal … [Read More...]