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Fight Between Google and EU Just Warming Up

Regulators Aim for Google's Heart The fight between the highly progressive European Union and Google is just starting. The two entities will not give up. EU regulators are fast on Google's trail for allegedly using its influence to manipulate many aspects of tech. The EU considers the web giant a monopoly. Google faces some antitrust cases and suits. All of these are of incredible concern for Americans watching. The fallout likely creates a precedent for American courts and regulators. All of this could rapidly change the face of your phone, internet and more. Seeking Alpha covered the situation. The case is seven years in the making. Google was officially charged with making anti-competitive moves in April 2015. Of course, Microsoft got in the act. All of these factors together influenced the EU courts. Each one hated the fact that Google used its power to affect web ads. All of this resulted in an incredible $2.7 billion fine. Its parent company Alphabet already hired a slew of … [Read More...]

Will Paid Google Ads Withstand Allegations of Years Long Fraud

For years our members have complained that Google allows click farms and competitors to exhaust their PPC bids for the day. When customers complained of fraud, Google would not honor the reports detailing the false clicks. Worse, Google makes it hard to track click fraud. So users must pay for special tools to detect it. Preparing a fraud report takes a lot of time and resources. This is in addition to the actual management of the Google Adwords account. Third party Adwords management services often charge as much as 20% of your total budget. Personal injury lawyers often pay as much as $300.00 for a click to a highly searched term like "Personal Injury Attorney." That's crazy when most of the calls they report receiving are for things like someone tripping on their shoelace and wanting to sue someone, anyone. Worse, Google continues to push organic results further and further down the page. What was once result 3 or 4 is now number 15. Law firms are dissolving and people are … [Read More...]

Florida Case May Dramatically Change Legal Marketing Landscape

We know that Matt Dolman, an attorney in Florida led the fight to stop fake attorney referral services. But whenever the black robed Taskmaster gets involved in the free market system, we often see unintended consequences that harm consumers and the legal industry. Put this one under the list of headlines you may not have expected. If you're a loyal reader of this site, chances are you saw this one coming. Our members have been a lone voice in the wilderness, writing about the potential changes attorneys have to look forward to. In some cases, many law firms won't be happy. Florida Supreme Court May Change Legal Marketing Forever? Reuters reported on the issue. The Florida Supreme Court will soon decide regarding the regulation of online legal marketing sites. One of the largest is the familiar site Avvo. However, there are potential coattails which could affect attorneys' practices regarding LinkedIn and other sites. One of the key issues is the potential conflict of ethical … [Read More...]

New Metrics for Old and New Sites

Building a website used to be so easy, or so it seemed. The traditional markers for Google and other search giants following seemed so simple. Instead, there is a steady stream of factors ranking yours and millions of other sites. Below we can see some of the common mistakes and positive factors and determine where you stand. Many webmasters think that their page's ranking comes down to the articles themselves. There is a point to this, to be sure. However, the actual structure of your site is often far more important. A recent article on the Monday Note touched upon some of this. Part of the issue comes down to whether or not the genuine article or piece fits into a more or less traditional page format. How old is the actual domain? Was it an anonymous registration? Each one of these factors into the site's cred. Furthermore, the H1 tag is needed for a proper crawling by search engines. An appropriate author list of individual pages shows the scope of the site. Additional info, … [Read More...]

The Decision to Outsource Legal Work

Both Brick and Mortar and Online You can't do everything. There are only so many hours in the day. Even the most dedicated attorney can't take on every single thing that they want to. There's just an upper limit to capabilities. Furthermore, day to day stress, family, and firm growing pains may make this process even more complicated. This is where many firms decide to outsource some of their work. Some use consulting attorneys or paralegals to get through a major case. Others have backups in case of illness or vacations. Each one is a tried and true method. However, technology allows further changes and in some cases a more cost effective approach. Outsourcing or Cooperation? Sometimes it's hard to find an in person consulting attorney to work with. Their schedules are often different than yours or they have another main job. However, this is where the wonders of technology come in. There are many options out there to work with a virtual attorney or paralegal. … [Read More...]