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How to Prepare For the Real Time Penguin Algorithm

The author’s views are entirely his or her own and may not reflect the views of Cirlce of Legal Trust. The Penguin algorithm update[1] originally rolled out back in 2012 and was designed to target web spam.  This meant that website owners using questionable link tactics to game search engines saw their rankings plummet.  In theory, those who had been using white hat SEO link tactics should have seen an increase in rankings.  There have been a lot of updates to Penguin since its release. Recently, however there has been some buzz stating that a live version of the algorithm may roll out by the end of the year. "Google’s Gary Illyes said today (10/01/15) at SMX East that next Penguin update will be in the “foreseeable” future, adding “I hope” by the end of the year, and it will be the real-time version of the algorithm." - Barry Schwartz via http://searchengineland.com/google-confirms-the-real-time-penguin-algorithm-is-coming-soon-232093 And this image on Twitter last night … [Read More...]

“Net Promoter Score” – New Minefield for Bottom Line of Doctors/Lawyers?

If you are a regular internet user, you know how internet is helping billions of people around the world make better decisions on their purchases. Customers like to check online reviews before they buy stuff and that trend is still on the rise. Customers read online expert reviews in text format and also watch videos where experts are reviewing products. In addition to that, customers like to give their own feedback based on their experience with the business, its product and services. Jointly, all these things outline an image of the business for other customers to see before they buy anything from this business. A Story That Could Cost Jobs But Save Businesses I like to tell my own personal stories and anecdotes to help put things into perspective for my audience. If you are a dentist, which I consider to be a healer just like a DC, or an MD, then you realize the importance of "fire support" when it comes to the front desk and dealing with the minefield of emotional patients, … [Read More...]

Facebook Facing Off Against Google, Which One Will be Better for your Law Offices?

So before we go into this, I wanted to just point out that if Google had in its power to white-list certain websites it liked from the deleterious effects of Penguin other algorithms, then doesn't that mean that Google never needed a Penguin? Couldn't they have just built an algorithm that gave no value to links and content it felt was bad, instead of using Penguin, for example to destroy your online presence? In other words, couldn't Google have just let a bad link be neutral? Many lawyers are still reeling from the pain that was wrought upon them by the Penguin of 2012, and have been looking for a way to get completely away from Google. Some lawyers feel they were strong armed into PPC, with its very high risk to benefit bid per keyword prices, and its next to impossible and time consuming click fraud appeals process. Many attorneys I have spoken with feel that Google now has a penchant for coming up with a new "improvement" that pushes their organic SERPS further into oblivion … [Read More...]

The First Happy Penguin Update From Google Might Be Coming Soon

Many attorneys I have met were victims of Penguin in April of 2012. They were told that Google was not penalizing them, but "improving search," by hurting sites that had too many exact match anchors, or if the links pointing to their sites looked suspicious. So just the Penguin became a sort of tax on your productivity, with the payment made being loss of ranking, income and work productivity, chasing, disavowing and removing links you "thought" Google might not like. Now we are being told that the new "continuously updating Penguin" is not ready for prime time. But honestly, hasn't Google had the technology for quite some time to simply not allow a bad link any ranking power? The Strange Bedfellows Google Algorithms Make As many of my readers know, had there never been a Penguin, we lawyers would have never formed the Circle of Legal Trust. Search engine optimization specialists and their clients appear to rarely be happy when the algorithm updates over at Google. To a … [Read More...]

Machine Learning For Attorneys 101

Ever since Hummingbird, online attorneys have been hit by one rank reducing algorithm after another. In the name of "improving" search, we have seen one online firm after another go they way of ancient Rome. Now attorneys can debate their futures as they see the potentially crippling effects of a new "improvement" at machine learning. Yes that's right, a machine learning platform from Google has now made it into news. This new platform might be Google’s best shot at machine learning software that uses complex programming to educate a machine on how to recognize the scenarios it comes across. The big thing in the news was that Google is going to make this project and the whole platform open-source. Seriously? Let's hope it is not as open to SAPE attacks as WordPress and  that it is https right? It is already known that Google is currently using the neural networks in order to teach its machines artificial intelligence. Users of Google services can already notice the impact of … [Read More...]