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Las Vegas 2017 Circle of Legal Trust Convention – April 20, 2017-April 22, 2017

Starting Thursday, Apr 20, 2017 at 5:00 PM and ending April 23, 2017, the Masters of the COLT will lead off our annual Las Vegas Con. Unfortunately, this year it is not free. Tickets are available for a small cost of $250.00 each. Also, this is a closed session, non-invited guests and non-members need not apply.  As an aside, you may have noticed that Colt went underground. Honestly, I was tired of helping SEO companies that offered us nothing, learn our techniques for web sustainability. The good news is that our closed group will bring back a few older members and allow our sponsors to dig much deeper into brand building and market reach. This is an Advanced Course. Presently, I am building a syllabus of speakers. In any event, I will be speaking on the latest negative SEO attacks and their effectiveness. Also, I will cover the benefits of journalist outreach with Michael Iwasaki. Without expert status, it is highly unlikely your firm or practice will survive onine. The … [Read More...]

Branding for Attorneys and Law Firms 101

Creating a particular public image for your firm is not as easy as it may seem. Some people call themselves motorcycle lawyers. Others call themselves "cruise ship attorneys." Of course, we know them to be pi attorneys as we are in the field. But to consumers, if you associate a name with a concept, or product, voila, that is the brand. So we have Michael Ehline, "The Motorcycle Rider's Friend." In this example, we almost see a picture of Colonel Sanders on a bucket of KFC. We forever associate fried chicken with that trademark face. In the same we, we see Michael Ehline helping injured riders in court. In any event, there are many cases in which practices that do not adequately brand themselves. Often these problems are characterized by factors or people out of their control. Any wrong moves and a firm can be blacklisted in the minds of the public for years even unbeknownst to the partners. Setting the bar is the duty of each new firm, and is often an overlooked part of … [Read More...]

Problem Avoidance 101 for Attorneys and Social Media

In many ways, social media has become a godsend for many business fields. The ease of communicating over vast distances and with hundreds or thousands of people has revolutionized the practice. Furthermore, varied forms of media, from sound to photos to videos has further enveloped consumers' expectations. When dealing with the still growing fields of electronic media and its relatives, it is important to remember that for every successful strategy there are many others that simply do not work. From experience and seeing the learning curve for other attorneys I wanted to offer a few pointers to let you know what to avoid. When Social Media Can Hurt Many people simply assume that a Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter account will automatically increase their credibility and name recognition. However, there are many cases where it simply can make things worse, especially if the potential customers see the effort as unprofessional or sloppy. It is important to remember that all social … [Read More...]

Penguin, Lawyers and the New SEO Landscape

Lawyers Beware - The Penguins Are Coming The field of search engine optimization for lawyers has shifted rapidly over the last five years. Google's continuous updates have changed the ability for businesses and legal sites to gain more traction. A significant trend has been for Google to look more closely at sites with mobile capabilities. Hence, this is increasing as much of the web is changing to HTML 5 and many sites are becoming more tablet-friendly. For competitive legal websites, significant changes are coming. Google's new Penguin update will have grave consequences for many of the traditional SEO routes. For one, a site will face a severe penalty if it has links coming to it from sources considered spam. At this rate, many of the existing links to many firm's sites will become not only worthless but a liability. Thus, to predicate your site's traffic on such inward coming links means it is important to consider how to make changes. Google's Search Console has been … [Read More...]

How Voice Search May Change Local Attorney SEO

The author’s views are entirely his or her own and may not reflect the views of Cirlce of Legal Trust. Speech recognition technology on machines has always left something to be desired.  Leading edge platforms like Siri still had bugs to be worked out as recently as 2013[1].  Today a new breed of software and digital assistants are telling a different story.  In 2016 there has been an explosion of voice searches that are accounting for a huge portion of all online searches made by consumers.  Does this mean lawyers need to have a voice optimized search strategy? The Explosion in Voice Searches Search Engine Land noted earlier this year[2] that a disruption in search was coming with increased accuracy of voice recognition software and the rise of virtual assistants like Amazon’s Echo, Microsoft’s Cortana and the anticipated Google Home[3].  The 2016 Internet Trends report[4] also hints at the impacts that voice search is having on the industry (many of the slides were devoted … [Read More...]