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Program for April Vegas 7th-9th

STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION This will be a HIRL, which means, assuming Google Hangouts on Air is functioning properly, the live seminar will be simulcast live,worldwide on Google Plus. It is all here starting on Thursday, April 7 at 2:00 PM, Friday April 8 Saturday, and ENDING Sunday April 9, 2016 at 3:00 PM (PDT) in Las Vegas, Nevada. We will have several speakers: Dan Goldstein, Esq.: April 7, 2:00-3:00 pm "Principles Outlined in His Ebook?" On April 7, Dan Goldstein will speak. Dan is a world renowned lawyer and marketer, who has helped multiple attorneys and law firms become ultra successful. He currently runs Page 1 Solutions. Dan will be speaking about the principles outlined in his eBook - https://www.page1solutions.com/sites/www.page1solutions.com/files/Multi-Channel-Digital-Marketing-Ebook-Pages.pdf.  Please read it.  I think you will like it. Dan has not put together an outline, but will have slides for the presentation.  I can get them to you in advance of the meeting if … [Read More...]

What is wrong with newsjacking and what can be done?

Newsjacking​ means inserting commentary into a news story and tapping into the short­ term interest for your own benefit. This technique can work extremely well to market many types of businesses, but personal injury attorneys walk a very thin line with it. There are 3 core issues for attorneys trying it on their own: content, publication, and scope. Accident Data Center has emerged as an important ​content curation​ platform that solves these issues and offers a robust, ethical opportunity for attorneys to position themselves as authoritative, competent, and differentiated warriors for justice advocating for victims and families. Tread Carefully: Stories are Real Tragedies The most important issue attorneys face with newsjacking has to do with the story content: someone ­- a real person - ­either died or was injured severely enough to make the news. Families are confronted with grief, anger, confusion, and vulnerability, and any newsjacking attorney may be perceived as the … [Read More...]

Utilizing Experience to the Fullest

Experience is nature's greatest teacher. For all of the courses, classes, and tests you may have taken in college and law school, there are only so many lessons that can be learned in a classroom. Getting out into the field and learning from successes-- and mistakes-- will enable any attorney to excel beyond their initial expectations. Beyond that, getting screwed by so called SEO experts can be so pervasive that attorney SEO organizations like Circle of Legal Trust are starting to spring up. Our new members are able to learn to not make the same mistakes that we had made. A Harsh Set of Lessons Fortunately, some lessons of law office experience can be learned secondhand. Watching other attorneys in their experience can teach you what they've done that works-- and what doesn't. Studying under a mentor can also allow for lessons to be taught through diffusion and give you a teacher of which you can pick their brain. Unfortunately, sales and marketing is not part of the typical … [Read More...]

Will FaceBook Local Be the Yelp! Giant KIller?

We have read the stories about Yelp! suing a lawyer in retaliation for him suing Yelp! and winning. Most of us who own small businesses have heard the other horror stories about good reviews disappearing and negative reviews being "recommended" when businesses stop paying Yelp! for ads. With so many reports of tactics like this, whether they are real or imagined, it is shocking there have not been shareholder lawsuits against Yelp at a bare minimum. Well, actually there have been at least two so far. The appearance of impropriety is usually enough to spark a shareholder revolt. But now Yelp! has a lot more to worry about than  eating itself . Although no doubt, Yelp! has great lawyers who have so far, successfully avoided having a jury actually decide a case, the bad press Yelp! has gotten out of all of this, along with what consumers are able to see with their own eyes, has really left Yahoo!, Bing and other companies enamored with Yelp! at a decidedly negative disadvantage from … [Read More...]

Lawyers are at Particular Risk To Get Nailed for Lifting Images

Have you hired an SEO company and now find yourself in receipt of a shakedown letter from a lawyer demanding money because one of his images are on your website? You're not alone. There is tell of certain lawyers finding images being routinely used on many sites going to the U.S. copyright office and then purchasing the rights of the images. Many of these images are being used on royalty free sites. If one happens upon a lawyer's website, he is one of the few people who likely will pay more if he fights it and goes to court. Courts reason that the lawyer should have been aware of the legal ramifications of using images, any image, without doing the research to assure the lawyer had the true right to the use of the image from the true owner. Understanding the Concept of Intellectual Property in the Internet Era One of the key aspects of the internet era is the free association of ideas and intellectual property. The lawful sharing of ideas, photos, and videos has dramatically … [Read More...]