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Running a Well-Oiled Machine

Running a law firm is one of the most difficult things a young professional can do. On the one hand, learning and understanding so much of the law is not simple at all. On the other, it is tough to create and maintain a small business, especially as a young person. All of these make this situation very challenging but also rewarding. We know exactly where you are coming from. Below we used some of the info we learned over the years to guide you along in the process. Understanding Your Business Model No two law firms are the same. Depending on experience, location, and more, there are a lot of factors to consider. However, many firms have similar goals and growth patterns. This is where several common tropes help you grow similarly as others. There are several major uses of time that show the efficiency of a firm. For one, it is how much time is spent in the courtroom and outside of it. The extra care and time makes a major difference. More successful attorneys … [Read More...]

Vacaville Case May Shift Police Brutality Precedent

A Police Assault on a Senior at His Home The attack and injury on then-60 year old Nick Buckhalter at his home in September 2016 was astonishing. Vacaville police attacked the senior after hearing a screech of his tires at his home one night. A plainclothes police officer called in the information and within minutes police were on the scene. As a result of the incident, Mr. Buckhalter is suing the city, its police department, and those involved. Excessive Force and Arrest What should have been a relaxing drive out became a nightmare. Mr. Buckhalter was forced to sit on the ground and handcuffed against his will. Not only that, but one officer in plainclothes elbowed him. The vet warned the officers about his artificial shoulder-- and the tightly handcuffed him anyway. Officer Daniel Torres further charged Buckhalter with resisting arrest after the victim's hand snapped forward due to his artificial shoulder. The application of excessive force led to severe injury. In … [Read More...]

Lawsuit Over Police Brutality of a Senior

Assault Against a Resident at His Home In many ways, Nick Buckhalter lived the American dream. A man now in his 60s, he settled in Houston County, Georgia and lived a life worth living. Things changed quite dramatically over the last year due to a clear case of police brutality. A lawsuit filed in October chronicles a number of incidents in which Buckhalter was assaulted and humiliated by local police. Buckhalter sued the City of Vacaville over his egregious treatment. The case now heads to federal court over the violation of his basic human rights and a permanent shoulder injury. Dream Turned Nightmare The nightmare started in September of 2016. Buckhalter decided to take his vintage car out for a spin and instead found himself accosted by an off duty police officer. His car hadn't moved at all but had a slight tire screech as he prepared to leave his garage. The officer heard the noise and headed over the Buckhalter’s place of residence. In his own words, "I was tackled to the … [Read More...]

Not the First Time Google Abused Such Power?

Yelp accused Google of abusing its powers yet again. Google faces a number of criticisms across the globe. The EU attacked Google for running a monopoly. American regulators are also reviewing the company's practices. All in all, Google is fast becoming one of the most controversial web companies on the planet. Now it appears Google violated an agreement with the business review site Yelp. This comes after a 2012 agreement not to undertake such a practice. Seeking Alpha reported on the issue. Google Faces Fine Yelp filed a report with the FTC. Google reportedly violated an agreement not to use photos from Yelp for their own services. This agreement will expire at the end of 2017. Still, Google used these photos in its own business search results. Yelp believes that the search giant used almost 390,000 photos from its servers for the popular Google Maps service. If the FTC steps in, Google faces a fine for such practices. The FTC said that it would step in with such a fine if Yelp … [Read More...]

PR, Social Media, Content Marketing & SEO – A World of Rapid Changes

A few years back, the Circle of Legal Trust was put together to share insights into the world of search results and marketing. And many of you reading this are aware of. For those who have attended any of these Google Hangouts, you are probably mindful of the fact that Google has made some changes and updates over the years. In fact, Google makes more than 300 changes in a given year, although only one or two are quite significant. Social media as we know it has been around for some time now and it, too, evolves rapidly. Content marketing, which came online a few years back, has certainly grabbed the attention of those deep in the trenches. There are many tools in the toolkit of anyone in marketing; however, one of the more popular ones is press releases. As of recent, articles posted to one’s site have started to gain popularity again because of content marketing. Keep in mind, the articles or press releases must be of extreme value to your audience, followers, and … [Read More...]