Currently, due to our stringent entrance requirements, the Circle of Legal Trust only has Chapters in a few states. We are always looking for trustworthy lawyers who keep their promises. The best ones regularly update referring lawyers with case status info.

But egos can get big and promises can fail as greed takes over. Believe it or not, referral fees can make it possible for an experienced lawyer to place your case in the hands of a more experienced or better-qualified lawyer for a given case.

So here, the client gets a great lawyer. And that new lawyer pays a fee to the other lawyer for sending the case their way. The truly great receiving lawyer will give you case status updates and not stonewall.

Problems arise when the receiving lawyer decides they don’t want to pay what they agreed to pay. Then they come up with excuses and defenses. True, some states do not allow the payment of these types of fees, or they have other restrictions.

Each Chapter Head shall provide COLT with the rules for their state. And these standards and guidelines will get posted on their COLT Chapter’s Main Page. Check our sidebar for the list of states we are currently seeking for Chapter Heads.