Jim Loxley

Jim Loxley contributes to The Legal Circle of Trust. Also, he is a director for UK-based legal marketing firm, My Compensation. The company helps suffering people hurt in cases like car accidents. Also, he works closely with lawyers and other legal professionals. Many of them are from the most respected and established firms in the UK. Jim is responsible for much of the search marketing. And he is also charged with all of the content creation of the company. So he will be regularly making contributions to The Circle.

About My Compensation

In the United Kingdom, legal marketing can be similar to that of the US. And several companies provide properly vetted cases to personal injury lawyers. My Compensation is one such company. The difference between this firm and other businesses is that My Compensation was built with a heavy focus on the client. But there’s been some controversy over the past few years in the UK. In other words, some would attempt a similar job but not be in compliance with the law.

My Compensation is compliant. And it enjoys a healthy working relationship with all parties.  Coincidentally, its team strives to ensure people get through these difficult circumstances. Most of all, it wants clients to get proper attention.