David Slepkow

David Slepkow aggressively represents clients in Rhode Island


And He helps with:

  • Divorce,
  • Falling injuries as one of the local sidewalk accident attorneys,
  • Child Custody,
  • Child Support, Alimony,
  • Visitation, Personal Injury,
  • Car Auto Accidents,
  • Criminal Law,
  • Restraining Orders,
  • Adoptions,
  • Paternity,
  • DCYF,
  • Post Divorce Motions,
  • Premises Liability
  • Motions to Modify Child Support,
  • Prenuptial Agreements,
  • DUI DWI Breathalyzer Refusal,
  • Slip and Fall,
  • Civil Litigation,
  • Contract Law,
  • Evictions,
  • General Practice of Law.

Connect With David

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David has substantial experience. And has practiced law since 1997. Also, David has authored over 50 Rhode Island Law Articles. Of note, most are posted to his Law Firm’s Website. Of particular interest, David is always willing to answer questions over the phone. And as always, his first initial consultation is free. So there is never a fee in a Personal Injury case unless he is successful and he is quite an expert in the cases regarding common causes of slip and fall accidents. Whenever someone slips and falls, or trips and falls, there’s a chance it was because of some hazard or obstacle that shouldn’t have been there. If that’s the case, the property owner (or business) may be liable for the injury.

Amazingly, David offers evening and some limited weekend appointments. Noteworthy, David Slepkow is a member of the Rhode Island and Massachusetts Bar Associations. And he also belongs to the Federal Court Bar Association.

David Slepkow is a partner at Slepkow Slepkow & Associates, Inc. The firm is located in East Providence, Rhode Island. And it was established in 1932. So Slepkow, Slepkow & Associates, Inc. has a long history helping clients.
Also, David helps clients with both RI and MA personal injury claims. And these include car accidents, motorcycle accidents, etc.

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