Anthony Castelli

From a young age, Anthony Castelli’s parents encouraged him to respect everyone and help those in need. His grandfather was an immigrant tailor. His father was a World War II Navy hero. But his career path started at the State Mental hospital at age 19. There he worked and lived in a group home with mentally challenged adults. He was active in fighting child abuse and neglect as a social worker for 241-kids.

But he then went to law school at night to become a Personal Injury Trial lawyer. And that empowered him to demand justice.  And he learned to take the steps necessary to help his clients battle big insurance companies and the government. So to this day, he helps people put their lives back together after a devastating injury. And he helps anyone with a threatened financial future. Most off all, he is there for people hurt or suffering the traumatic loss of a loved one.

Throughout his law career, spanning now over 30 years, Anthony has focused his law practice on the injury victim. So he looks to ease their pain, suffering, medical expenses, wage loss and destruction of the family. And he has the ability to step inside their shoes. So he can fully portray their injury to big insurance.

He listens to his clients. And he tries to solve their problems. Plus he strives to get them the best result possible. Also, Anthony has many notable jury verdicts spanning his 30-year career. And he is one of a relatively small number of attorneys to have a jury verdict in excess of $1,000,000.00. But he knows that thorough preparation will help get the best resolution. His goal with most cases is settling. But only if the settlements result from significant preparation and presentation to big insurance.

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Attorney Anthony Castelli is a solo-practicing attorney that focuses in the area of personal injury law, car accidents, truck and motorcycle accidents in Cincinnati, Mason, West Chester, and Southwest Ohio, click for more info. He has been admitted to the Ohio State bar since 1981. He has been up against some of the largest insurance companies across the United States, in addition to respected defense law firms in Ohio.

His law office is primarily comprised of a team of veteran legal assistants and a registered nurse case manager. He likes keeping his legal team small and approachable. He makes sure his clients get his personal attention. In fact, when you become a client with his law office, you meet with Mr. Castelli directly.

So he never delegates So he first meeting to a colleague or paralegal team member. Anthony has authored three books, Attorney Advertising Revealed, The Ohio Motorcycle Bible and Wolf in Sheep’s clothing, which he co-authored with 14 other lawyers and was on Amazon’s best sellers list.

Anthony enjoys riding his Harley for relaxation and is very involved in Cincinnati’s motorcycling community with their charitable activities. Also, this year he was a sponsor of the Hero’s Ride and the Iron Samaritans. Last, he has served on the board of directors of Serenity House and Power inspires Progress.

Most of all, Anthony is a proud member of this unique group of lawyers in The Circle of Legal Trust. Their vision to foster relationships and learning that can help lawyers and consumers connect through internet best practices to make everyone’s lives better is a shining light in an often unsure world.

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