Welcome to our section of publications, as provided by the Circle of Legal Trust!

We currently have two distinct publications. One is C.O.L.T. Journal and the other is Personal Injury Warriors. The former covers a wide variety of legal issues. And it also covers marketing and related information for attorneys, law firms, and legal professionals.

The latter is specific to personal injury practice areas and provides value-added insights into various aspects of this complex field.

As we develop our publications out, we will be adding to these and encourage our members of C.O.L.T. as well as outside parties to contribute to these publications.

Please contact us if you would like to contribute to either of these publications – bear in mind that inclusion in these publications is not, however, guaranteed – but we will consider all submissions. And of course, we have Advertising opportunities available too!

The ‘official’ Publisher of our publications is the Circle of a Legal Trust. Still, all credit goes to Michael Ehline as the driving force behind the publications! Also, the glue that holds this all together is our “Sergeant At Arms” Anthony Castelli. So if you want to make inroads with the Circle of Legal Trust, or would like to get involved here – chat with one of those guys, because they call the shots.