Privacy Policy

Circle of Legal Trust and/or has made the determination to disclose information and our privacy statement to the visitors. So this discusses our website and the use of any collected information. So these are the data collection and the distribution practices for the website:

Circle of Legal Trust and/or is committed to building trust. And reassuring our website users by steadfastly following Internet rules and the regulations of fair information practices is our policy. Circle of Legal Trust and/or takes every precaution possible to protect the website user’s privacy. Our website visitor’s have the right to disclosure. So we tell them about how we gather information and what happens to the collected data.

  • Information that is collected on the website.
  • Why the information is collected and how it is used.
  • Distribution of information.
  • Opt-out procedure
  • Correcting and updating personal information website policy procedure.
  • Deactivating and deleting of personal information from the database policy procedure.

Questions about this part of the disclosure policy statements, please email us:

Information Collecting and Usage

Circle of Legal Trust and/or has online forms on the website for website users to fill out. And these are information requests to contact us about services, practice areas, etc. Also, announcements about Circle of Legal Trust and/or are covered. So when filling out this type of form, personal information will be required. Mostly, this information sought is a name, address, telephone number and email address.

Forms and the personal information are kept completely secure as far as we know. And we only use it for Circle of Legal Trust and/or to contact you with the information that you requested. No third party will contact your or ever have access to your personal web form information. This is for Circle of Legal Trust and/or use only. And it is set aside in order to answer your request; your information is always safe with us.

Circle of Legal Trust and/or uses cookies and visitors to the website. Each will be assigned a “User ID.” And this will automatically identify your computer. Also, this does not mean that any personal information is collected. So the only thing the cookie is able to do is identify your computer IP address. And the only way that Circle of Legal Trust and/or will ever have any of your personal information is, if you provide it. Last, you provide it by using an online form to contact us.

The cookie collects anonymous information and this data is held in the websites log files. It is used in diagnosing problems with the server and to administer the website. This unidentifiable information is kept secure and never shared with a third party.

Website Surveys

The website surveys will request the website users email address, as contact information. This information does not need to be provided in order to have full access to the website. The entire website is able to be viewed, whether or not you provide your email address. There is an opt-out procedure that can be used. But this is if you do not desire to have future emails from Circle of Legal Trust and/or

Distribution of Your Information

Noteworthy, information that is collected on the website, by filling out online forms or surveys is kept completely confidential by Circle of Legal Trust and/or This is internal information. Also, it is never willingly or knowingly shared with a third party. At least it won’t be shared without the permission of the website user. So otherwise, the distinctive cookie gathered information remains confidential. Most of all, without your permission, it will never be knowingly shared with a third party.


Circle of Legal Trust and/or websites use outside advertising to display banner ads on the website. These banner ads could use cookies. Bottom line, Circle of Legal Trust and/or has no control over or access to the information. Basically, this remains anonymous information collected by the advertiser. Last, the collection of this information helps provide the best advertisements for the website visitor.

Opt-Out Procedure

Visitors to the website have the option to opt-out. Of special interest, this can be done by not submitting their email address or providing any personal information to Circle of Legal Trust and/or So the best way to opt out is to never opt in. In other words, don’t provide info in the online forms or surveys on the website.  After all, this is the only way that Circle of Legal Trust and/or would be able to obtain your personal information.

The website visitor can decide what information Circle of Legal Trust and/or obtains. Also, COLT chooses if they will allow the use of cookies to create a “User ID.” And same goes when COLT collects their IP address. But it is possible to disable cookie use or have your computer notify any cookies.

Circle of Legal Trust and/or websites use cookies and to disable them or get notification. So the website user will need to change the settings on their own browser. This publicly obtainable information can get disabled. And these cookies can be found in the FAQ section on most popular browsers including: Microsoft Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and Netscape.

Updating, Correcting, Deactivating and Deleting Personal Information

Want corrections, updating, deactivating or deleting personal information? So if so, contact Circle of Legal Trust and/or Because this information is held in COLT the database only we can make these corrections. Please email us with your concerns: