What Are Some Common Causes of Car Accidents?

Attorney Michael Ehline

Since most drivers are out on the road nearly every day, drivers must be aware of car accident risks. And although accidents are rare for individual drivers, statistically, they remain persistent. Being able to determine some of the common features between such accidents and how to prevent future accidents. You won’t be able to avoid all of them. But tips like this sure can help unwary travelers.

Not Driving Defensively

According to an auto accident attorney, many accidents happen when other drivers are driving aggressively, causing issues on the road. If you see any one suffering and have a medical AED training you can help dissolved the situation. Many try to dominate lanes or tailgate other drivers. Making sure to de-escalate the situation with defensive driving can help, and also hiring a lawyer for car accidents is essential in case these happen. Also, you can receive low-cost classes on how to do so. And that also reduce your insurance rate, while getting legal help is important too, luckily there are Different types of lawyers so you can find some legal help for your exact case.

Low Speed Crashes are Common

While many of the most severe crashes happen at high speed, many are at 30 miles per hour or lower. According to a personal injury lawyer some are simply unavoidable or the result of factors such as weather or faulty parts or manufacture. Driving a little under the speed limit or as circumstances allow can further reduce the risk of a crash.

Drunk and Impaired Drivers

Drunk and impaired drivers make the roadways much less safe. A NHTSA report indicated that over 8% of drivers at any time could have alcohol in their systems.

It’s hard to avoid those driving under the influence, but they are a common sight, unfortunately, and a common source of accidents. That’s why police officers commonly ask the drivers to get out of their vehicle to take a field sobriety test.

Using Proper Safety Gear

Make sure that your airbags are properly functioning and that you and your passengers buckle up for every single ride. Make sure that your lights are properly working and not causing issues on the road.

Solo Accidents

According to https://towingless.com, many car accidents are the result of a driver falling asleep, losing control of the wheel, or facing other issues. Keep aware of your surroundings at all times and contact a boating accident lawyer if you ever get involved in a boating accident.


The more time on the road, often, the safer the driver is behind the wheel. Facing many types of situations over the years makes a driver much less likely to get into a crash and avoid issues with other drivers, although if accidents happen is important to get help, so Why Relying on a Proficient Car Accident Attorney is Worth it? because this way, you can solve the legal issues an accident may cause.

Elements Out of Your Control

There are many factors that a driver cannot always control. Some include obvious ones, including weather. However, in other cases, faulty parts or maintenance can cause severe accidents when least expected. There could also be road or signage defects that spark crashes (Read More.)

Skilled Attorneys Can Answer Questions

Often one of the most potent tools for both preventing and responding to accidents is the word of an experienced attorney. A lawyer that has seen it all before could explain how different accidents occur and past cases they’ve seen, if you are looking for a lawyer be sure to learn about the costs of DUI in Florida from Leppard Law.

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