Latent Semantic Indexing and Connecting Similar Words Expanded With “Wrongful Death Attorney” Example

Latent semantic indexing, also known as “LSI” (defined here), is a part of the Google algorithm. And to less of an extent, it’s part of the Bing indexing algo. And that assists in the search engine(s) in providing the best search results. Many lawyers who frequent this site, saw a significant drop in around April of 2012, due to many things, but due in large degree to overoptimization with “money keywords.”

Connecting the Fatality or Death of a Person With Similar Words

The experts from domestic violence defense attorneys serving Parsippany, they say that algorithm allows Google to connect similar words that are related to a specific topic. When a page is about “wrongful death” and “wrongful death attorney,” and optimized for this the term, other words should exist on the page with a connection.

The search engine can recognize the pattern of the pages to connect the other words with the topic of wrongful death. You can take the route JD Injury Law, APC in San Diego took by using keywords such as “fatality, killed, negligence, collision, medical malpractice, consortium, and punitive damages for wrongful death.”

The term “wrongful death lawyer” could be used much less on the page and those words should get thinned out with other words like: “legal wrongful death counsel”, “wrongful fatality expert”, “personal injury lawyer”, “fatal accident attorney,” (defined here), or “injury lawyer.” When the writer and the webmaster understand this connection used by the search algorithm of associating related words, it allows for better content and better ranking.

Connection Between LSI and Better Rankings?

Yes, there is. Here, a writer who can create content that is relevant to the mood and desires of the searcher. So if they understand LSI for search engine optimization, their pages rank higher in the search engine results.

One of the changes is normal in the past keyword density was between 5 and 7%. Now with the latent semantic indexing keyword density of between 1 and 2%. So now, this has become the expected norm. So changing writing style for wrongful death cases and wrongful death attorneys with more synonyms can make the article more inviting. And that way, the reader and search engines get fed. So now, you have the user engagement to rank the article high in search results.

Ranking for Terms Like “Wrongful Death Attorney” is Easier With LSI

Backlinks are still important, but without LSI, you are depriving the target site of a large majority of its ranking potential. Use LSI, and you can be a winner too.