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What We Do

Our Las Vegas Conventions and Podcasting keep our vetted members in the loop with trusted case referral sources, search engine optimization techniques, and our unique vendor vetting process. We survive and thrive based on the below five pillars of success.


Building the world’s largest case referral network, Circle of Legal Trust only accepts referring members who pay referral fees on time and give fellow members regular case status updates.

02. — Lawyer Search Workshops

Ranking, like paying referral fees is all about trust. And to convey and display trust, you must be in compliance with best search engine optimization techniques.


We teach our lawyers to do their own marketing so they don’t fall victims to the next SEO scammers. Do it the right way, means doing it yourself.


Is your legal website ADA Compliant? If not, maybe you should have one of our experts check it out? We can help save you from getting sued.

05. — Fact Checking

We offer a fact checking service based on trust, rules of evidence and journalistic guidelines. We develop true friendships between the search community, clients and the public at large to improve the image of lawyers and the belief in the law by leaving out opinion, or politically driven narrative and fact check the fact checkers for neutrality.

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Why You Should Choose COLT

Simple. We are are the only worldwide organization of lawyers that requires each lawyer to agree to pay their referral fees, give regular case updates, and understand online search and marketing ethics to become a well oiled unit of trusted friends.

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helping lawyers and mentoring the marketing community to understand our needs as lawyers better.
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The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time. – Abraham Lincoln

We know what we are, but know not what we may be. – William Shakespeare

Impact Stories


Chad has been a contract and business law attorney for well over 15 years in CA.

I was having a hard time getting new clients. My SEO people constantly ripped me off and never delivered. Circle of Legal Trust invited me in as a prospect, and ever since I have been receiving regular leads and am making friends with honest lawyers nationwide. – Chad B.

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Joe has been an expert in organic and local SEO for over 20 years.

I run a small SEO company, and was constantly bailing out lawyers from their bad choices in hiring the wrong search engine marketing teams. The in house SEMs were like dead bark. With COLT’s help, I was able to rescue several law firms from terrible in house SEO and now have a flourishing attorney search marketing agency”. – Joe M.

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