Top 5 Reasons Why Your Law Firm Needs an Email Newsletter

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By David Abels – I am an attorney who has focused on personal injury law since 1997, so I have had an opportunity to learn some of the “dos” and “don’ts” that come with the business.  Many of these are universal truisms that lawyers stick to, but their importance cannot be underestimated as competition among firms continues to increase every year.
Quickly I learned that securing clients and bringing in business is a crucial step for any successful lawyer and without clients, even the best law firm in the area will fail.  With a track record of handling personal injury cases, many of my new clients come from prior clients referring friends and family, or from prior clients once again getting injured in an accident.   Yet as time passes after the conclusion of a case, some clients lose my contact information or forget exactly how to spell my last name, making it difficult to pass on a referral to friends or family members when need arises.  To combat these common challenges, I find that establishing and maintaining a law firm email newsletter lets me keep in contact with clients and enables me to obtain business that I otherwise might not receive.
In fact, I have found my firm newsletter to be so invaluable that I am encouraging others to begin a similar program by sharing my Top 5 reasons an email newsletter is a good idea:
1. Maintaining Contact with Past Clients
Attorneys like to close cases and to wrap up all loose ends but I strongly encourage lawyers to keep ties with their past clients.  These are the people who will pass on their legal experiences – good and bad – to acquaintances that are in the same situation.  Providing a client with a positive legal experience can translate to future referrals from that client but only if the prior client remembers who I am and how to reach me.I find that including past clients on my law firm’s newsletter keeps those individuals informed of the types of cases I am currently handling as well as some of the settlements I have recently reached, leading to referrals I would otherwise not receive.
2. Maintaining Contact with Current Clients
In my newsletter, I often include a short description of a recent settlement or award that I’ve reached as a way to let current clients know that my firm is working hard and is dedicated to getting our clients the best results possible in each case, regardless of what type of accident or injury is involved.  I believe that clients like seeing my firm’s successes and that providing current clients with this type of information has increased the amount of trust they place in my firm, which in turn leads to a more open, honest, and harmonious relationship during the pendency of their case.
3. Establishing Contact with Potential Future Clients
Daily I receive phone calls from potential clients who I am unable to represent due to the nature of their claim or the type of their injury.  When this happens, I explain why I cannot help and I do my best to point that person in the right direction for legal assistance.  However I take it one step further by asking these callers whether they would like to be included on my firm’s newsletter mailing list so that they can receive news and updates from my office, just in case they need my help in the future on other injury cases.  You may be surprised, but around 75% of people asked want to receive the newsletter.I have received many calls from one of these newsletter subscribers who sustain a subsequent accident and need legal representation.  As a result of the emails, I am usually the first attorney these potential clients call.
4. Increasing Traffic to Web Sites and Blogs
I keep my newsletters short and to the point as I have learned that most people will read shorter stories while ignoring those that seem too lengthy.   To make sure I am hitting this sweet spot, I include a paragraph or two of introductory material on a story I want to highlight and then provide a link at the bottom that takes readers to the full content.  The full version of the stories are located on my website or on one of my blogs, meaning that anytime a reader clicks for more information, that reader sees my website and has the opportunity to explore other areas.  My sites also receive an increase in traffic due to these click-throughs, which in turn helps with my website performance and optimization.
5. Strengthening Relationships with Other Attorneys
Like many practicing personal injury lawyers, I both accept referrals and refer out cases to other attorneys as need arises.  I strive to keep my relationships with these lawyers as strong as possible.  I pride myself on having a service-oriented practice where I answer calls from clients and I keep myself available to them as much as possible.  I take this mentality and carry it over to my interactions with referrals as well.  By including other firms in my newsletter mailing list, the lawyers in those firms see that my practice is aggressively representing our clients and working hard for maximum awards in each case.  I find that providing this type of information to those firms who help us in the representation of clients strengthens their confidence in my firm’s ability to successfully resolve challenging and mundane cases in an efficient manner.In the age of modern technology, I encourage other lawyers to spend some time creating and maintaining an email newsletter that can help you obtain referrals and strengthen your relationship with your past and present clients.
Email Newsletter Services.  As far as email newsletter services are concerned, I happen to use  The cost is around $30 per month to send out your newsletter to 500-2500 contacts.  For this price, you are only getting to use their template and they will also help you design the newsletter.  Your office provides the content for the newsletters, upkeeps the contact list and schedules the mailings.  I’m sure there are other email services out there that are comparable, or you could always just email your clients directly.
About David Abels:  David Abels is a partner at the firm of Abels & Annes, P.C. and focuses his practice on personal injury law.  He has offices in Chicago, Illinois and Phoenix, Arizona and has successfully collected millions of dollars on behalf of his clients.If you would like more information on his law offices, please feel free to check out his firm’s websites, and or email his office at and ask to be included on his newsletter mailing list.

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